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In this post, I will teach you How To Get 100,000 Twitter Followers with Tweet Adder ?? Lets first begin with a brief description of Twitter. Twitter is a great platform for you to promote your website and services. In order, for Twitter to be an effective social media platform you must first build a substantial list of Twitter followers. The Twitter followers must be from a specific niche for it to work. The biggest mistake many people make using Twitter is building a list of followers but not targeting their market.

How To Get 100,000 Twitter Followers with Tweet Adder

Why Profit From Twitter?

Twitter is a free micro blogging platform that allows you tweet 140 character or less. The social media platform is free to join and can be set up within a couple of minutes. The primary ways to make money with Twitter are by promoting your business, sponsoring affiliate products, selling your tweets, and many more. I personally use Twitter to promote my website and grow my mailing list. There are tons of case studies of individuals who make over 2,000 a month using Twitter per month.

How To Use Tweet Adder?

I recommend using software automation named, Tweet Adder. The vast benefits of using Tweet Adder are an automated system that helps you get quality Twitter followers. Tweet Adder can be use as a tool to build your Twitter Followers to 100,000 in a short period of 30 days. Majority of serious users will grow the Twitter Followers to 1 or 2 million in the time spam of 12 to 18 months.

 Tweet Adder: helps you filter individuals by
  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Recency
  • Language Spoken
  • Ability to remove profiles with default pictures
  • Ability to remove profiles with URLs in tweets or biography
Tweet Search: Locate users to follow who twitted a particular keyword or filter
  • Mentioned an user
  • To a user
  • Not from a user
  • Containing a hashtag
  • Exact phrase
  • Contaiting multiple words
  • Containing a word
How To Get 100,000 Twitter Followers with Tweet Adder

Tweet Posting / Direct Messaging: The automatic tweet helps your Twitter account to be active and enganging in autopilot. The automated software does the following:
  • URL Shortener
  • Re-Tweets
  • RSS Tweets
  • Post Tweets to Facebook
  • Automated Tweets
  • Link History
  • Post Tweets with random time delay
Multiple Twitter Accounts: The Tweet Adder helps you run multiple profiles concurrently. The software helps running multiples accounts easier since it does everything for you automated.
How To Get 100,000 Twitter Followers with Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder is a great way to promote your business, services, and make tons of money. Buy Now!

  • Free Software Updates And Support
  • License Is Good For Up To 3 Computers

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Top 15 Tips to Write a Good SEO Article

1. Understanding the target audience

Know thy audience. This is the basis of writing a good SEO article. Think from the audience point of view. You will get to know what they expect from you.

2. Research

Perform a thorough research on what you are going to write. Your readers will probably know the basics of the topic you are going to write. So writing some general and vague content won’t help. Your article should give a thorough knowledge to the reader.

3. Title Selection

The title of an article is what people see first. The time you spend on selecting your topic will affect the end result of your article. Use some catchy phrase which the reader finds interesting and probing them to read further. Also from SEO point of view, remember that a keyword in the title gets more importance. But make sure that you don’t spoil the effectiveness of your title.

4. Engage real experts

If the research you performed hasn't yielded the resources you need, feel free to get the help of experts from online forums or blogs. This will cost you nothing and will improve the quality of your content to a great extent.

5. Originality

Original article always attracts readers. Be sure that the article you write is your own. Copying contents from other sites is illegal and you’ll be detected by Google and get penalized.

6. Usage of keywords

Always remember that you write article for readers and optimize it for robots. Keyword density of more than 3% makes the reader lose interest in your article. Write quality content for readers and help robots to find them. Perform keyword research and find what people are searching for.

7. Body of the article

This is where you give all your thoughts. Keep readers interested. Stay on topic and make sure you retain your readers till the end. Concentrate on the flow of information.

8. Length of the article

Your article should ideally have 400-500 words. Be sure that you keep the readers engrossed till the end. Even though your article has more than 1000 words, readers skipping your article afterthe first paragraph won’t help your cause.

9. Flow

Your article must have a good flow from its introduction to conclusion. It should tempt the readers to read till the end of your article.

10. Article description

First impression is always the best impression. Article description is what that shows up when people search for your article from a search engine. This should tempt your readers to click the link and read further.

11. Use statistical data

Using statistical values in your article improves the credibility of your article and readers tend to read credible stuff. These statistics will improve the quality of your article to a great extent.

12. Post in high quality article directories

Once you are done with writing, you've to post it in good quality article directories. These directories will have a lot of members and this in turn will provide good traffic to your website. Some examples of popular article directories are etc.

13. Read and follow publishing guidelines

Before publishing your articles in any directory, read and understand the publishing guidelines of the particular directory. There a few ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ in every directory. Submitting your article after going through these guidelines will prevent your article from being rejected.

14. Promote your article

Just writing a good article and posting it in good directory won’t give the popularity your article deserves. Promote your article in social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

 15. Embed some widgets

Embed some widgets like Facebook comments, shares, Google+ , etc. so that readers find it easy to share your article on social media platforms.

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