Free Top 101 Article Submission Sites with High Page Rank

Article submission is one of the great techniques of link building in off-page optimization. You have to write articles based on some related topics, here you have to concentrate on anchor text. Article sites are better to gain high PR backlinks.

You have to be careful with some search engine guidelines, don’t submit same article on hundreds or thousands of sites. Try to submit different articles or change the title and some content of previously submitted article, so that search engine will not penalties you.

101 Article Submission Sites

Here is the big list of free article submission sites, you have to be registered on certain sites.

PR checked on date: 10 Jan 2012
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Three points to remember:

All the above mentioned articles sites offer free service, sometimes you just needs to register.
While submitting concentrate on category which is more relevant to your post.
After the submission has been approved just keep track of your backlinks, comments and analyze which site better for submission.

Free Top 50 UK Citation Link Sources

Citation is mainly a reference to your NAP (N – business name, A – business address, p – business phone number). It may or may not be contain direct link to your website but improves the accuracy of your NAP and help to improve your ranking in Google local search results.

“Remember 1 citation means 1 vote for your Google places NAP is accurate and consistent, so always remember use same NAP for all local listings”

What to Avoid:

• As your business have multiple phone numbers, avoid using all of them for listings. Multiple phone number will hurt the local listings.
• Changing business name in headings will also hurt the local listings.

Here are the List of Top 50 UK Citation Link Sources:

Top 25+ Free Classified Submission Sites

Free classified is the best way to promote or advertise your product/services at free. Why spending the money for classifieds in the several local news papers at the considerable cost, we post your ads on free classifieds sites to attract more traffic on your website. Here is the list of top 25+ free classified submission sites with high page rank.

Top 65+ Free Press Release Submission sites

This is the list of top 50 press release submission sites where you can submit your press release. Press release submission is an off-page SEOtechnique and one of the ways to publish latest news also to get high quality backlinks with relevant anchor text.
Here is the list of website.

We provides both press release writing by technical writers and submission on top news release distribution sites, as one of the link building service.

Top 101 CSS/HTML Gallery Submission Sites

If you think your websites design is cool and attractive then CSS gallery is the showroom for your website design. CSS galleries will give you a possibility to increase your brand awareness. As some of the CSS galleries are providing “do follow links” for submitted websites, digital marketers considered as new link building technique.

List of 101 CSS Galleries:
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