Sunday, August 11, 2013

Four SEO Tactics That Still Work After Google Penguin Update

Have your websites been penalized by Penguin 2.0? You are not alone. An important fact to know about this Penguin update is that it is an algorithm change. This means SEO tactics which have been working before might not be working now.
About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice.” –Matt Cutts
So, what SEO tactics are still working? Here, I will discuss about 4 SEO tactics that I am still using to maintain my page 1 rankings on my website.

1. Press Releases

An old school SEO tactic that have been working for ages. Press releases are articles that get syndicated or distributed across multiple news websites. The cool thing about press releases is that every article you write will be allowed a backlink and as your article gets distributed among the other news websites, your backlinks will increase as well.
There are multiple ways you can get press releases, one of them is by using a service called PRWeb. PRWeb service helps distribute your article to across 100+ different websites including Google News (PR 8), USA Today (PR 8) and Market Watch (PR 8).
The best thing among these press releases is not only the page rank of these websites but the traffic that you will be getting from them which potentially can be up to the thousands.

2. Guest Blogs

Guest blogging is another SEO tactic that is still working wonderfully well after Penguin. Even though, Google targeted guest post spammers in the past, you can still rank your website just with guest blogs. One advantage of guest blogs is the relevancy of the links you get and after Penguin 2.0, link relevancy is a very important factor in Google ranking factors.
There are a few ways you can easily get guest blogs. The first way is to use the manual way which is by searching Google for terms like: “become a contributor” and “write for us” + (your keyword).
For example: “write for us” + travel, “write for us” + SEO
An easier way to get guest blogs is to use guest blogging platforms like MyBlogGuest and BloggerLinkUp. These platforms connect bloggers who are looking for more posts with guest bloggers. That way it is much easier to get a guest post going instead of contacting each website owner on the search engine for a guest post opportunity.

3. Relevant Blog Comments

Most blog comments tactics have been destroyed by Google over the past year with their previous Panda and Penguin updates. This is because link builders are using automation tools like Scrapebox to spam the whole web with their backlinks.
Google has put a tight filter when factoring blog comments to rank websites. However, relevant guest blogs still work in ranking your website.
A good way to get relevant blog comments is to go to then find your niche websites there and finally find pages to comment on.
Another way to find relevant websites to post on is by searching Google with this query: intext: leave a reply + SEO
Just by leaving 5 relevant blog comments linking to your website everyday can do wonders to its rankings.

4. Diversified Anchor Text

The fourth SEO tactic I use is not a link building tactic but a SEO strategy instead. Every backlink that I place I will diversify my anchor texts on that backlink. Meaning I won’t leave the same anchor text over multiple websites.
For example: when placing blog comments, 20% of the time I will use link building, 30% backlink building, 20% learn more here and the last 30% I will use link building after penguin.
After Penguin 2.0, Google has placed a lot of spam filters on websites with the exact same anchor texts linking back to them. Therefore, be sure to use this anchor text strategy for the backlinks that you are going to build.

Wrapping Up

Press releases, guest blogs, relevant blog comments and diversify your anchor text are the SEO tactics that I am using to maintain my page 1 rankings after Penguin 2.0. The best thing about these SEO tactics is that they have been working for a long time now unlike most of the other SEO tactics that you hear about.


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